Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 7

The last and final day of the honeymoon! Although there was a lot of napping during this trip, we woke up more than tired and ready to just be home. There was another wonderful breakfast prepared for us! The first course was again a plate of fruit. Then they brought out fresh pumpkin muffins with cabot butter. And the muffin was amazing! But the butter was better! I don't usually notice brands of butter when I'm eating other places. I know that for home I like a couple certain brands (the healthy ones!). But since I had the cabot butter, I have noticed it a million times in the grocery store and restaurants. And it is made in Vermont thus furthering my love for it! Anyway, for my main breakfast, I chose the omelet with tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese and the croissant french toast with maple syrup. I shouldn't have ordered this much! But the omelet was super fresh again and delicious! The french toast was okay, but I prefer the soggy kind. I've never been much of a crust person. And as we all know, a croissant is basically crust. Matthew ordered the croissant french toast and sausage.

We headed back up to our room to finish packing our things. The innkeepers had informed us of a way to get to Baltimore without all of the tolls. Thank goodness! The fees were adding up! And Baltimore you say? Originally we were supposed to stay in Baltimore on Saturday night. The drive from Vermont back to North Carolina is about 13 hours with a break or two for gas and meals. So we thought Baltimore would be a good stopping point to get some rest. Baltimore is about 9 hours from Brandon. However, we just wanted to get home. Sunday was Father's Day, and I think we both hated to miss it! We drove the entire distance and arrived home around midnight. We did stop right outside of DC to eat at Panera Bread. I had been craving their macaroni and cheese for days! And it was so good!

The honeymoon was great! We went to a lot of places we had never been! We managed to work together and find our way from place to place. There were a couple of arguments over directions, yet there were no arguments related to food, as is normally the case! Time has flown by since the wedding! Can you believe it's almost been three weeks? Life is exciting!

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