Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Wedding Day!

I woke up that Saturday morning feeling so calm and peaceful about the day! Looking back, it was a strange feeling, but it didn't feel strange that day.

I actually got up earlier than normal, about 7 a.m.! I went and helped set up for the reception. Of course I was supposed to be there at 7:30, and I got there about 8:30. That's typical though! Everything was in its place and it all came together surprisingly fast! We had a good little team to help out: a couple of my mom's friends, my mom and dad, my sister and her fiance, my aunt and uncle. Poor Jeff, my sister's fiance, is afraid of heights and he was put on the hanging pom pom duty. He did a good job though! It looked so good in there when we left!

My sister was getting her hair done at 10 and my appointment was at 11. Shannon's hair looked really good! I had gotten a trial done on the Wednesday before, so I knew that my hair would look great again. But while I was waiting to get my hair done, I remembered that I never got a confirmation text for my makeup appointment. (And that confirmation text thing.. love it!) So of course I went up to the front and asked the receptionist. And indeed there was no appointment for me to get my makeup done! But the girl said she would do it for half the price. I didn't even stress for one second. Okay, well maybe a second! I enjoyed a lovely McDonald's meal for lunch. Is that bad? I know you're not supposed to eat foods that are high in sodium and fat, but it was my wedding day after all and I wanted what I wanted.

We all headed to Stonewall about 1:30, and again I was late getting there! It was so hot inside the house. Thankfully, the girl brought in some fans for us to cool off with. All the girls looked so good in their dresses! And the only boy I saw in his tux beforehand was Jack, the cutest ring bearer ever! His sister, Abbie, looked cute in her flower girl dress, too!

The ceremony was fairly quick! I was told that my dad and I both looked like a deer in headlights as we walked down the aisle. But when I saw my grandma crying, for some reason it made me laugh! Then my dad was a step ahead of me as we walked up the stairs. I may or may not have completely stopped walking and said "Daaddddd, you're dragging me! Slow down!". That fixed that problem. Everyone was sweating to death. It was at least 90 degrees if not 95! I didn't seem to be hot though. I was still unusually calm and relaxed, which is very strange considering I am afraid of being in a crowd or in front of a crowd. And believe me, 200 people is a crowd! The music was beautiful, the singing was incredible, everything was perfect!

After the billions of photos later, we headed to the reception in what we can now say is Matthew's temporary dream car! We got to drive my dad's brand new 2010 Denali with all the bells and whistles as only he would have! Matthew thought he was big pimpin' or whatever ghetto terminology he used. Sitting in my dress was not so easy. It was kind of painful actually! The wedding party was introduced, dances were danced, and food was eaten! I never made it to any of the food tables, so I guess we technically did not start off the buffet line (even though it was announced that we would!). It's okay though! I'll get my chance one day! The tables looked great! The colors were so fun! The reception was perfect, too!

Matthew and I had a great wedding day and are so excited to have started the rest of our lives together!

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