Monday, June 21, 2010

The Day Before the Beginning!

The Friday before the wedding, I was so busy. I felt like I was just rushing from place to place. I had my bridesmaids' luncheon at 11, which I had to be the carpooler for the day apparently. So afterwards I had to drop off all of the people I had picked up and then pick up gifts and get my jewelry cleaned. Then I rushed to change clothes (a comfortable tshirt and jeans.. of course!) and helped set up the rehearsal dinner. And then I rushed some more to change back into nice clothes and head to the rehearsal!

The bridesmaids' luncheon was at The Legacy in Elm City and was super nice! I didn't so much like all of the picture taking, but I posed as best I could! The food was great, the flowers were beautiful, and they had the cutest cookies shaped like dresses that were pink with orange polka dots! My favorite second cousin Joan gave the most beautiful speech full of memories! And she sang a song for me! I wanted to both laugh and cry as she is not a singer, but the words meant a lot! I also passed out all the bridesmaids' gifts and gave Abbie, the flower girl, her gift. Abbie definitely won the prize for most excited and most satisfied! But I hope everyone else liked what I gave them as well!

The rehearsal was outside (obviously, since the wedding was outside) and it was so hot and humid! For some reason it took an hour and a half to rehearse. That's probably because someone had different ideas from what Matthew and I wanted! But we eventually made it through. And somewhere along the way I got rid of those stinkin heels. I am pretty sure that if I have made it to be 22 years old and still hate, yes hate, heels, then I will more than likely make it to be 102 and still hate heels! They are just that awful!

The rehearsal dinner was at Ribeye's Steakhouse and was super good! We had slaved over the set up earlier in the day, and I think everyone really liked how it turned out. At least there weren't any fights over the seating arrangement! The meal was great as was the conversation! And everyone loved the surprise groom's cake, especially the groom! It looked just like a Chinese take out box full of noodles and vegetables and it had fortune cookies with funny fortunes that may or may not have been written by me! It looked so good and I was so impressed with how great it turned out! Everyone was asking where I got the cake from, so I will post it up here. I ordered the cake from Cinda's Creative Cakes in Holly Springs, NC. The cake itself was moist and very good and of course it looked incredible! Overall, I think the cake was super affordable. It was about $3 a serving, which is cheaper than buying dessert for everyone at the restaurant. And it was a showstopper! Then of course Matthew gave all of his groomsmen their gifts as well as Jack, the ring bearer. I think all of the guys liked having a Bible with their name on it. That was the best gift we could give them! And Matthew's dad loved his cross necklace. Jack and his brother Mason were so excited about their Lego Power Miners that they took off running around the table to give Matthew and I a hug. Mason was not in the wedding because he did not want to be dressed up, but when he found out that his brother and sister were getting a "prize", he wanted in! So we made sure to get them a gift they could share!

All in all the day was great! It went by so fast and I think keeping busy took away all of my nervous feelings!

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