Monday, June 28, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 5

The fifth day of the honeymoon, we started off at McDonald's at the mall! The continental breakfast at the hotel ended at like 9:30 a.m. I refuse to wake up that early just to eat a free breakfast! We filled the car up with gas and headed to Vermont! It was a beautiful drive that took us right through the mountains! There were farms everywhere and animals of all kinds! The temperature had dropped more than twenty degrees since the first day of the trip, and we did not mind one bit! It was in the mid 60's for the duration of our stay in Vermont, much different than the humidity in North Carolina! We seemed to be back in the spring time, or a spring time rather since we didn't seem to have one here at home. We arrived at our bed and breakfast, The Lilac Inn, about 2 p.m. The owners were out running errands, but left us a note directing us to our room.

After unpacking the car and resting for a bit (and of course scouring the house checking out all of its amazing parts), we decided to go out for a small lunch. We found a place called Sully's. There was an older couple in there and the man seemed to have known all and been to all things in the world. You could tell his stories were not 100% accurate! I got a turkey and cranberry sandwich with fries. Matthew got a cowboy burger or something similar. The food was good and just made me want to nap some more! We just drove all over Brandon checking everything out. It was a very, very small town! They had a grocery store, a drug store, a McDonald's tacked onto a gas station, and the rest was made up of local shops and restaurants. There was a covered bridge right outside of town and a couple of waterfalls in town! We rested (and fell asleep) for the rest of the afternoon. It was probably about 5:30 p.m. when Matthew headed downstairs to get something from the car when he met a friend of the innkeepers. She gave us a couple of ideas for where to eat dinner and advised us to make reservations.

We decided on The Waybury Inn in Middlebury, which was about 20 minutes away. It kind of reminded me of The Legacy in Elm City. It was an old house and we were the only people there! It was decorated so cute! They even had the chandeliers in the main room that were just like the one I had picked out to put in our kitchen! That kind of made me like the place even more! I mean that alone proved they had great taste! We started off with some calamari that was delicious! I ordered the Filet with mashed potatoes and green beans. This steak was cooked so perfectly! Matthew ordered the Delmonico (another steak)! It was huge! But it was also very good! I think we took half of it back with us. For dessert, we shared a piece of cheesecake made with mascarpone cheese and covered in a maple cream sauce! They actually gave us the dessert on the house since it was our honeymoon! Best cheesecake I've ever had (next to the pumpkin cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory)! Afterwards, we drove around Middlebury just to see what was there! They actually had a TJ Maxx, and yes I did stop! It was probably the most organized TJ Maxx I have ever been to!


The innkeepers were finally home when we got back around 10 p.m. It had been kind of strange being their since 2 p.m. and not yet meeting them. The man was really nice and showed us around the downstairs where they had games and movies we could use, and he asked what time we would be down for breakfast since we were the only guests. We chose to watch Walk the Line. I'm not sure if Matthew saw the whole movie, but I fought my hardest to stay awake. I really liked the movie but it seemed so long!

Our first day in Vermont was great! Brandon was a beautiful little town! It was just so cozy and we felt right at home the moment we arrived! As we drove through the mountains, we took a right turn not knowing where we were. We had seen nothing but farms for miles. But all of a sudden we were on the most beautiful tree lined street with sidewalks and huge old houses, a dream come true!

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