Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 6

Are you starting to notice how every day begins with food? Well this day was no different. The innkeepers prepared what I would consider a gourmet breakfast. I certainly do not wake up and prepare myself fresh food because I just don't care to. But if I ever become a morning person, I would make myself food just this fresh! Our first course was a plate of fresh fruit: cantaloupe, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. The next course was a homemade croissant with blueberry jam that was just oozing love! And for our third course they asked us what we wanted! Seriously? Not only are you giving me amazing food but you're asking me what I want? I loved it! I chose the omelet with asparagus, mushrooms, and cheese and a side of homefries. Matthew had the ham steak with scrambled eggs and homefries. Everything was delicious!

They directed us on a scenic drive to Waterbury so that we could visit the Ben and Jerry's Factory! Because that's what we wanted to do...eat ice cream before lunch! It was about an hour and a half drive through the mountains, but it was a beautiful drive! There were cute little farms everywhere! And of course all of these farms had huge old houses, just like I want! It was amazing to see how very southern all of the little towns were considering how far north they were, and that all of the people were from up north. That just shows that southern life really is the best and most simplistic! We finally got to Ben and Jerry's and paid our fee for the tour. Matthew and I were so excited! That is until we realized the tour was five minutes long, and that they were not making ice cream that day! We have a theory that they really do not make ice cream there anymore. It really did not even look real! Of course the tour ends with a sample. And the flavor of the day was their new Milk and Cookies. YUM! It was really, really good! I have seen it in the store but I couldn't bring myself to try it. That's too expensive to be playing around! You have to know it's good before you spend $4! After the tour, you indefinitely end up in the gift shop. We both found a tshirt and I got a "got Vermont?" sticker that had a cow's face on it! That sticker now proudly resides in the bottom left corner of my rear window! And it is beautiful!

There wasn't much else to do in Waterbury, other than Matthew got us lost because he hasn't learned yet that the woman really is right! We, and by we I mean Matthew finally listened to me, eventually found our way back to the bed and breakfast. There was more napping involved and then we were hungry again. We really are like babies..hungry every three or four hours! McDonald's may or may not have been our pick for lunch. But it was made to order! Remember those times? I don't think I have ever had a made to order item from McDonald's in my entire life! But it was delicious! My only complaint was that the grease from the burger was on the burger wrapper! I know...what am I complaining about? Would I rather it be in my burger? Eh, I'm not entirely sure! It was gross to see but I suppose I'd rather see it there than have it in my stomach.

After another brief nap, we decided to go visit the Branford House Antiques. The lady that owns this shop is the one Matthew had met the evening before. She had so much stuff! Everything was really cool! I couldn't believe how much of it I have seen in my grandma's house before! The woman's been saying she had antiques! But of course we didn't believe her. I sure do now! We didn't purchase anything. It was just fun looking around and looking through the barn, which was so big I can't even describe it! The lady was nice enough to recommend a couple more dinner places and we headed back to the inn!

We changed clothes and headed back to Middlebury for dinner. Matthew wanted Chinese, but there were no cars in the parking lot so we kept going. I wanted Mexican but that place had closed down. We ended up at Two Brothers Tavern. Of course the drinks here were also charged by the glass, as seemed to be the case in all of the northern states. I kept myself to two glasses of diet coke! And water for the rest. The water in Vermont tasted like candy it was so clean and pure! It was better than bottled water! We ordered some tapas: crab rangoon, cornbread, and bruschetta. For my meal, I ordered a burrito. It was the biggest burrito I've ever had, but it was so good! It had black beans, rice, guacamole, tomatoes, sour cream, lettuce, pico de gallo. I don't even know what else! I also had a side caesar salad that was very good! Matthew ordered a bok choy stir fry that he really liked! We passed on dessert hoping to find ice cream, but we never found any!

Once we were back at the bed and breakfast, we quickly went to sleep because we knew Saturday would be a long day!

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