Monday, June 28, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 4

We skipped breakfast! Yeahhh, I know what you're thinking, "You should have! You ate a whole meal at midnight!" And you're right! Just because we skipped breakfast doesn't mean we skipped lunch! While in search of the nearest McDonald's the night before, we discovered the mall! So that's where we went for lunch! If you think the mall in our little hometown is pathetic, well think again! There was so little in this mall that I can't even remember what was there! I got pizza for lunch and Matthew got.... You guessed it! Chinese! That makes for three times in four days! You won't even believe what I wore to the mall...a hat! I hadn't even showered! I know it's sickening!

Then I had a taste for ice cream. We don't have ice cream here. There are places to get milkshakes and ice cream treats, but not ice cream. The GPS was back on duty again! And it sent us to JP Lick's! It was in this cute and quaint part of town with little benches and outdoor tables all over the place! Parking was $.75. Better than $12 though! I got chocolate brownie brownie batter ice cream in a waffle cone! So yummmm! Matthew got peanut butter cookie dough and I can't remember what else in a white chocolate waffle cone! The best part about JP Lick's is that the walls are painted like a cow! Ahhhh! I do love cows! They even have an ice cream cake called the Cow Spot Cake! I want this for my birthday!!! And I so wish we had this place here! I would be even more fat though because I would want it every day!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the indoor pool! The traffic was just so bad coming in the day before that we didn't want to get back out into it again. We did have a sunset cruise on a sailboat scheduled for the evening, however it was cancelled due to weather. We did not know it was cancelled though! So we drove there, which took forever because of traffic, and looked and looked and walked and walked. It just wasn't there. Parking was $10! It was drizzling! We didn't know what to do! And Matthew was so ill! He was mad, I was mad. We were all mad! It just did not make for a good evening. We ended up walking to a restaurant that had a view of the water. The nachos we got for an appetizer is mostly what I ate. I ordered a Lobster quesadilla for my meal...grosssss! Matthew had added a caesar salad to his meal and let me have it. That wasn't very good either, but I ate as much as I could.

I think Matthew and I were both ready to get back to the hotel after our evening out! Apart from the ice cream, this was my least favorite part of the entire honeymoon!

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