Monday, June 28, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 2

Day 2 of the honeymoon started out with sleeping in for a little bit! Sleeping is always sooooo nice! Matthew made me a waffle at the continental breakfast which I added some warm strawberry something to. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I put way too much on top of my waffle and then I could taste nothing but strawberry.

We headed out walking so that we could make our way to our Ride the Ducks tour. I had bought the tickets online beforehand and apparently so did a fourth grade class from New Jersey. They let us board first. How nice of them, right? We were then surrounded by nine year olds and some very patient chaperones. The whole tour was really fun though. The girl driving the boat/car thing was super funny, but none of the kids got her jokes. We laughed though! If you don't know what the Ride the Ducks tour is, it's like a giant boat looking thing but it is on wheels like a car. You are driven through the streets just like you are on a bus. Then at the end of the tour you go down the ramp and splash into the river. I think they have it in several large cities, but this it the first time I've ever seen it. They also give you quackers, basically a plastic duck bill that you blow on like a whistle except it sounds like a duck quacking. Super not fun with all of those kids blowing them in my ears! I had a headache by the end of this. I will need patience and understanding before I ever have children!

After the tour was over, we went and viewed the Liberty Bell. Matthew was disappointed. I had told him he would be, but he never believes me. Then we walked all the way to South Philly for a cheesesteak. Crazy you say? Why yes it was. We walked and we walked and we walked some more. I had a blister on my foot from my flip flop rubbing the bottom of my foot. The GPS was a huge help because we would have been lost for sure without that thing! We finally arrived at Geno's. And the verdict: not the best I've ever had. I guess if that's the Philly way of doing a cheesesteak and they say that's one of the best, then I guess it's one of the best there. But I much prefer my cheesesteak to have peppers and onions and mushrooms and regular cheese, not cheeze whiz. The sandwich was basically sliced meat, cheez whiz and onions. Very plain. The bread was tough in my opinion. And the whole setup was kind of weird. You ordered the cheesesteak from one window and the drinks and fries from another window. You had to pay separately because they were at two windows. It was just very different from what we're used to.

Then we walked all the way from South Philly back to our hotel. I had walked off my cheesesteak by this point and apparently so had Matthew. We hadn't been in the room 5 minutes when he decided he was going to walk to one of the street cars we had passed so that he could get some Chinese food. Yes, we ate Chinese for dinner the night before. He really is just that addicted to Chinese food. I think we ended up napping for three or four hours. We really could have cared less about doing anymore sightseeing or walking. After we woke up we decided to find a place to eat. On the way in to Philadelphia on Sunday we had seen this big ship docked in the river. It was called The Moshulu. I googled it and found out it was a 4 star restaurant! We decided to make reservations for 8 o'clock so that we'd have time to get ready and wipe our slobbery and sheet creased faces! Parking was also $12 here. And the parking was just for this one restaurant. I still don't understand the parking situation in Philadelphia. Once we got there, they seated us out on the deck. It was so beautiful! The ship is actually docked in the river and it is a huge ship! We got a fresh mozzarella appetizer that was so good! Matthew ordered filet with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I got a ceasar salad and chicken tortilla soup. The presentation was amazing! They actually plated the soup at the table! Super cool! We ordered some kind of fresh berry cobbler with ice cream for dessert. This was served in an old style mason jar that has the attached lid! The entire meal was amazingly good and the view was incredible as the sun went down!

Overall, we really liked Philadelphia! The price for parking was ridiculous no matter where you went, so walking was the best option no matter how far away you had to walk! I think that Matthew and I would both agree to go back again one day!

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