Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Yeahhhh!

The kitchen is so clean! I can't even believe how it looks! I will post some pictures this evening. I am impressed with myself! My mom and I cleaned from 6 until 8:45. My dad came over when he get off work to help out some with the heavy lifting. Yes, there was heavy lifting going on in my kitchen! We had boxes of laminate flooring and tons of boxes for the trash. We organized the tupperware, handwashed all the things that were left, organized the holiday platters and all the bakeware and serving dishes, organized all the pots and pans, and the list goes on. The new hutch I purchased was wiped down inside and out. It was outfitted with shelf liner and stocked full of the new china! And the kitchen table (yes, I found it under all that stuff) is glowing with the new placemats and cloth napkins (yes, cloth)! Matthew has made a promise that he will put up the new light fixture and touch up the paint on the hutch on Friday when he's off. Hopefully he will also feel like working on the floor!

And in the middle of all this hard work, Matthew got back from his interview more excited than I have ever seen him! Well that is apart from our wedding day, or that's what I'm telling myself anyway. The pay is better than expected. The hours are incredible. And the commute is not so bad. There were six people interviewed total, so maybe there's that chance! Matthew is just so excited and impatient about hearing back! They told him he would get a call by the end of next week to let him know if he did or did not get the job. So please pray with us until then!

Of course, while Matthew was not helping clean because he was "tired", his sweet baby Cinnamon decided to show him what tired really was. My dad had taken some trash out and left the back door open. And when one door doesn't shut and it stays open, well Cinnamon runs through it! And boy did she run! Matthew and my dad both walked to catch her. Bad idea when the dog is running at the speed of a NASCAR race! Thirty minutes passed by and they were still trying to catch her. She was running circles around them! I walked outside to hear, "Morgan! Get a hotdog out of the refrigerator!" So I did. Cinnamon ran to me in about two seconds. I was then instructed to not give the hotdog to her. How hard was that? They couldn't have done that thirty minutes ago? Men. After a brief punishment, Cinnamon was back inside practically laughing in our faces, or rather the faces of Matthew and my dad. I'm still laughing about it. I wasn't laughing about the fact that my favorite child Cinnamon could have been hit by a car. But I knew she was smarter than that. She just wanted to show Matthew how tired he really could be! And she did a darn good job! I also heard that Matthew fell into two ditches and lost his shoe four times. I so wish I could have seen that!

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