Friday, September 24, 2010

It's 6 O'Clock Somewhere...

...But not here!

I plan to get a lot accomplished this weekend, just as I plan to do every weekend. But this one will be different! Tomorrow I am going to go through the piles and piles of mail a.k.a. junk papers that Matthew has created and thrown into the extra bedroom. That could take at least an hour or two. It's just that bad! And I will finally organize the important papers I come across in my file box I told you all about a while back. I'm in a spring cleaning mood for the fall season! And after I do that, I think I might just wash a couple loads of laundry. I might even fold all of the laundry that's in baskets.. that's been in baskets.. for a while. Now, if I finish all of that I'll be doing pretty great on accomplishments! So I should just keep that momentum going and doing some homework ahead of time. That may be a first!

Sunday will be a rough day I think. Matthew has to work all weekend by the way! And I think Sunday I will try to take my grandma shopping in the afternoon. They are having the first open house and although she wants to be there, she can't be. I really wish they weren't selling it. But I understand why they have to. My mom will be out of town and I know my dad and uncles don't want to spend four hours hauling her around trying to keep her occupied. I do want to get some fall decorations for the house, so maybe I can get that done Sunday. Too bad this weekend isn't three days! I'm pretty sure I could sleep for a whole day and not even be upset about it!

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