Monday, September 20, 2010

Really? No, Seriously? It's Monday Again?

This weekend flew by! As Matthew dreamed of the crashing waves and the sandy beaches, I imagined our bank account and how badly it was hurting. Needless to say, we stayed home!

After sleeping in for a little while on Saturday, we had Bojangles for breakfast! Nothing better than that! Matthew eventually motivated me to get out of the bed around 1 pm. We cleaned out our closet which was overflowing with racks and bags and twist ties! That took a good hour. There really were that many in there! There's still a lot more we need to take back to the cleaners though. Recycling is good! The rest of the day was a blur. But Matthew did clean the kitchen and dishes as promised for Friday. Better late than never I suppose. He also installed our brand new light fixture for the kitchen! And I love it even more than when we bought it! I can't find it online, so I'll post a picture later. I did cook lunch. I made my own barbecue sauce and cut up some grilled hotdogs that were left from earlier in the week. And I made macaroni and cheese and some vegetables. I usually do not cook on the weekends and despite the fact that this took only ten minutes, I still call it cooking!

Yesterday, we missed church because we slept in. We ate lunch at Matthew's grandparents' and then headed to Lowe's and Sam's Club to buy the necessary items to finish the floor. It's about time, I know! My dad came over to help Matthew, and they worked until about 7:30! I had a massive headache by the time they were done. All of that nailing and sawing and Cinnamon barking and omg it was awful! My mom came over with pizza from Little Caesar's. And I ate four pieces. Totally broke the diet! But I was starving. I ate an apple before that! That's good for you!

Now Matthew and my dad have a plan for finishing everything though. So this is good! They have two more pieces of toe molding to buy and put down, a new set of closet doors for the laundry closet, flooring for the guest bathroom, a doorjam for the laundry closet, two doorjams for the kitchen, and floor my stockpile closet.

I am beyond ready for it to be done!!!

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