Monday, September 6, 2010

Thrift Shopping!

Since I have no money and need some clothes to wear before I end up at work naked one day, I asked a friend of mine to show me how to thrift shop since she's always wearing the cutest clothes from thrift and consignment stores. She accepted the challenge and we went to a few stores around town Saturday! Now I have been to thrift stores in the past, like Goodwill and Salvation Army. But that was during my time of being what I call a mix of punk/iwanttobedifferent/comfortable. This basically means I only looked for "cool" tshirts then! And there were the couple of trips to find clothes for tacky day at school, etc.

I really wasn't sure if I expected to find anything Saturday. I've been kind of down on myself lately about my weight and the size of clothes I'm currently wearing. And as badly as I want to change, I have yet been able to motivate myself. Remember though! Tomorrow I am starting out my new exercise and healthy eating process!

Surprisingly, I ended up with a ton of stuff!

I ended up with these two shirts at Goodwill.

And I got this shirt and tank top at the new consignment shop.

I also got this cute flower pot to plant some herbs in!

I got these two dresses at the other consignment store.

Can you believe I only spent $50.14??? I really was surprised at the brands I saw in the stores: Jcrew, Ann Taylor, Talbots, etc. All great brands that cost a ton! Of course the only bad thing was that if I saw something I really liked, then they didn't have my size. But luckily I found other things I liked and that fit.

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