Monday, September 6, 2010

Project: Living Room

Since I moved in last August, I have been in the process of decorating this house. I want it to reflect my style. And I have a style that I cannot describe. If I see it, I will know if I like it. I wouldn't say I'm traditional or modern or classic or shabby chic or eclectic. I'm just me.

So for the living room, I got a couch and loveseat that's a creamy color. It actually has this pattern in it.

They never look dirty! And these are the pillows. Cinnamon has been laying on the pillow!

Then I found this rug at Lowe's and it matches the pillows perfectly! Of course I was inspired by the pillows and rug to find the Vincent Van Gogh photo "Almond Blossom". And I found one at World Market for a super great price. So this is what my mantle looks like.

I got the elephants for wedding gifts. I love them! I also got the green candles and candleholder as a gift. I found the blue candleholders at TJ Maxx last year. That's the one part of this room that has been finished for a while! And I got these curtains at Lowe's a couple of months ago because they were on clearance. I finally found some curtain rods yesterday at Tuesday morning, so the curtains are up! They are on each side of the loveseat.

So the projects that are left are to decorate the table that is now in what I call the foyer, but it's really just the other side of the living room that happens to be where the front door is. That box shows the clock that I got for Christmas last year. It will go above the foyer table. The table and clock are black, as is the coffee table and the new curtain rods. I actually got the tables off Craigslist about two or three years ago for my college apartment. But I think they still work great and they are my style. They look very much like the Pottery Barn style. I have no idea where they are from but they certainly have held up!

Does anyone have any ideas for how to decorate the foyer table? Do I need a lamp over there, or just decorative items? And what about for the walls over the couch and loveseat? They are very blank right now. Please comment if you have any ideas at all!

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