Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 25

The reason I believe I'm still alive today...

That's simple. I don't believe that I've completed what God needs me to do on earth.

When I was in second grade, one of my best friends died from a brain tumor. He hadn't been in school for a while. Our class would send him cards and gifts and we prayed for him every day. None of us really knew what was wrong other than he was really sick. Our teachers did a great job of helping us handle his death. He loved to play soccer. It was explained to us that God needed him to come to heaven because he had done everything on earth that God needed him to do. And now he was playing soccer in heaven all the time. What a great way to paint a picture of death for a group of second graders who really missed their friend! He was happy in heaven and he wasn't sick anymore, and we were happy that he was in a better place.

During high school, we lost another classmate and friend in a car accident. He was one of the most humble people I have ever met. He was always smiling and laughing and always had something positive to say. Again we were told that he had come to do what God needed him to do. He was a great example of how a young Christian should be. He had accomplished so much in his short life. He had learned humility, patience, kindness, love, gentleness, and all the things we should be!

Both of these boys were examples of Christ like no other person I have ever met. I do not have all of those traits. I will be working my whole life to learn them. I believe that you have to learn all of these things and more and exemplify them in your life in order to witness to those around you before you work is done. Only a few special people can accomplish that at such a young age.

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