Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wanna Hear Some Good News??

Well it all started out with some bad news. Well not bad news, just really aggravating news. Last week my cousin told me that he got his letter from the nursing program saying that he could take the TEAS test. Of course I wondered where mine was, but I figured that it was just a day or two behind since I do live in a different town. A few days passed and I still hadn't received the letter. I was going to call the school at some point.

On Tuesday, one of the ladies from the nursing program called and left a message that I needed to get back with her as soon as I could. So I called her on my lunch break to find out that my file at the school did not have any of my transcripts in it. She had been searching for nearly two weeks and couldn't find a single transcript or even my application to the school! I wasn't worried about them not having them as much as I was worried about who had them. She searched some more and let me know mid-afternoon that they were nowhere to be found and everyone in the office had looked for them. I had to resubmit all of my transcripts, which may not sound like a lot, but I have been to two universities and four community colleges. I also had to resubmit my high school transcript and reapply to the school.

And it wasn't even resubmitting all of the transcripts that was aggravating. I had to pay almost $30! Ughhhhh!

Then I had one day to pay for and schedule the TEAS test, which so happens to be next week! The letter was dated February 14. If I'd known two weeks ago, I could have already sent all the transcripts and scheduled my testing day for something that worked with my schedule. But now I feel like I will be rushing to study, because let's face it, these are not subjects that I use on a daily basis.

But at least I have moved forward another step in this process!!! That's exciting!!!

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