Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Best Breakfast Ever!

As I was trying to go to sleep last night, and failing miserably, I could not stop thinking about food. Not just any food, a particular meal I had in Charleston last year when my sister and I went for the weekend. I have thought about that food ever since. And on days when I really want a good brunch meal, I crave that meal!

I had purchased a gift certificate from restaurant.com. I had never been there, but we were trying to make our weekend as frugal as possible. Most gift certificates off this site require that you make a minimum food purchase in order to use the gift certificate. This particular one was $35. We had to buy $35 in food to use our $25 gift certificate. And the cool thing about this site is that they often have really good coupon codes and you can get the gift certificates for as low as $2!

So that Saturday morning we got up and headed to Cork Neighborhood Bistro for brunch. We were really hungry and planned to eat a big meal so we wouldn't have to eat again until dinner. And that we did! The prices were really good and it was going to take a lot of food to get to $35! My sister got the quiche of the day, which was served with a side salad. And she also got a sandwich (although I can't remember what kind). I got steak and eggs with homefries and pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and warm maple syrup. It wasn't your typical breakfast. Everything was fresh and you could taste that! Even with basically two meals a piece, we ate every last crumb! And I think our bill came to like $35 and some change. We barely passed the minimum purchase price!

I could go for that meal right about now. Mmmmmm. I can taste it! If you are ever in Charleston, you have to eat there! And if you do, bring me a plate back!

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