Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love These Lamps!

So does anyone remember back in January when I said I bought some lamps? And does anyone remember how I promised to put up some pictures that week? Well you see what happened was I lost my usb cord for a while. And then I got my mom's cord a few weeks ago, promising to return it that week, but I still have it. I'm sure you've noticed how I've been taking pictures and putting some up here. I was reminded by Brittany that she had yet to see pictures of my lamps. So, Brittany, this is especially for you!

I got this lamp at Tuesday Morning. It's just so unique and it was only $30. I love Tuesday Morning! If you have never been there, then you need to go, like right now!

And this lamp came from TJ Maxx! The picture below shows the detail of the base. It's a ceramic base with a light blue and tan color. Then it has a glaze over it that kind of looks like tiny white snowflakes. I wanted to get two that matched, because I'm OCD like that. But Brittany convinced me that it's okay to have lamps that don't match! And of course I loved the price! It was only $50. I was allowing myself $100 to find two lamps, and luckily I got two really great lamps for way less!

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